8 Ball Pool Hack and Tricks to get Coins and Cash {Updated}

8 Ball Pool Hack and Tricks to get Coins and Cash {Updated}

Once you start playing the game regularly, you will be starting to crave for even more and that would encourage you to buy all the paid stuff. Thus, to abolish this problem, we came out with our 8 Ball Pool Hack / Hacks and Tricks to get you going if you are just starting out or even if your skills aren’t good enough to beat your opponent.

It might be a great news to you that our guide to get free 8 Ball Pool Coins provides safety as well as protects you from the administrators who are constantly monitoring the game.

8 Ball Pool is actually the biggest multiplayer game you will find on the Internet. On 8 Ball Pool you get to play Billiards against your friends and others who are online for free! You can play matches 1 on 1, enter tournaments, and win.

Read this article till the end learn the best guide on web to get 8 Ball Pool Coins and Cash.


Features of the 8 Ball Pool

Compete 1 on 1

On 8 Ball Pool, you can either play a one on one hack with a friend one yours or play a multiplayer game! One on ones are best when you are still practicing the game.

The advantage of playing this way is that you and your friend could focus on improving your moves and strategies. When you are playing a multiplayer game, most of the players focus on scoring the most number of Coins and winning the game.

You will not be able to improvise. So, make the best of the one on one feature and learn some advanced moves before you battle it out in the multiplayer mode.

Remember that you can challenge a friend for a one on one only when they are online. Read more about it in the next segment.

You can Challenge/Add friends

It is very easy to connect with your friends if your account is linked to Facebook or Miniclip. If you know a player’s name on 8 Ball Pool, look for them in the search option and add them.

Remember that when you run a search, only those who are online at that moment will be shown in your search results. Phone users can look for a friend using their friend’s user IDs.

To add a friend, click the ‘Plus‘ icon on their profile picture.

Earning Cash/Coins for free!

There is a way by which you can earn 25 Coins every 30 mins on Web and 1 hour on Mobile. How? It’s quite simple actually, tap on the right Free Coins to get the Coins. Watch super short videos by our sponsors and get Coins for free! Each time you level one you are awarded one 8 Ball Pool Currency.

Common Fouls

  • Don’t run out of time. You only have a short amount of time to take a shot. Don’t take too long because if you do, you miss your chance and it passes on to the next player. Also, remember that with every ball you pot in, your time gets shorter.
  • The Cue needs to touch one of your balls before it hits another player’s ball. If not, or even if it misses altogether, it is considered to be a foul.
  • Either the Cue ball or the object ball must hit the rail at the edge of the table. Make sure it does, otherwise it’s a foul! This rule was actually designed to prevent negative play.

The following is a list of fouls. As a result, you could lose a point which will be awarded to another player.

  • It is a foul if you pot the 8 Ball before your all your object balls have been potted.
  • Potting the Cue ball and the 8 Ball in the same shot is a foul. So is potting any colored ball before the 8 ball on the same shot.
  • If a tier requires calling pocket on the 8 Ball, potting the 8 Ball into an uncalled pocket would be a foul.

A Few Game Technicalities about 8 Ball Pool:

Breaking Off

  • In case you get to break off, know that you can place the Cue Ball anywhere in the space to the left of the white line.
  • If you manage to pot more than one ball during your break, you get another turn. The table will however remain open and you can decide if you want to pot the stripes or spots.
  • Remember that any striped or spotted ball that you have potted during the break will not be counted until you pot either pattern during your next turn.
  • If you pot the cue ball on your break, the opponent gets a ball in hand.

Having a Ball in hand

  • You are allowed to move the Cue Ball anywhere on the table. Try hovering your mouse over the Cue Ball, it will change to a hand icon so that you can pick up the ball.
  • If you are playing 8 Ball Pool on your mobile, swipe to drag it across the table.

Using Spin

  • You can use spin to position the cue ball after you have taken a shot; basically, helping you set up your next shot.
  • Move the red symbol on the Cue Ball with your mouse or arrow keys to put a spin on the ball. That will cause the ball to spin in that direction after it’s hit a ball.
  • Again, in case you are playing the game on your phone, tap the cue ball in the top right of the screen. Then, move the red circle to apply spin in that direction.

Mini Games within 8 Ball Pool

Spin & Win

Spin the wheel and win surprising gifts. Obviously, it is quite rare to get one of the best prizes, but you could win thousands of Lucky Cues every day. Every day that you log in you get one free spin.

Scratch & Win

Scratch the cards and if you happen to match 3 cards, you win! The prizes tend to be better than those offered in Spin & Win. The only catch is not every card is a winner.


You can win up to 250K Coins by making a wild guess whether the next number will higher or lower! You can Cash out anytime over 500 Coins.

We now have a section for those looking forward to improving their game play. We have listed a bunch of simple tricks that could help you improvise:

  • Playing on higher tiers gives more XP.
  • Winning a tournament is a great way to collect cues.
  • You can win up to 250, 000 pool Coins on Scratch and Win.

How to get 8 Ball Pool Coins for free?

8 Ball Pool Coins and Cash, basically, the primary currency of the game has certain uses. With these 8 Ball Pool Coins, you can enter One on Ones initially. Once you get better at it, you can use 8 Ball Pool Coins to enter tournaments.

You can also check out the stuff at 8 Ball Pool store because all the items are purchasable with game Coins that you earned for free.

Now that you have a basic idea about the various uses of game Coins, learn quick tips to earn them for free!

  • The 30 minute timer: By simply clicking the button on the main screen you can earn 25 free Pool Coins every 30 minutes. There’s no limit to how many times you can claim these Coins. Go, try it out already!
  • Winning your tournaments: Basic idea is that the more you win tournaments the more Coins you will earn. Occasionally, certain fancy tournaments are scheduled like the Moscow Winter Club. It is the highest ranked tournament in the game and it offers a prize pot of 30,000 Pool Coins! Play more, get better, win more and earn Coins for free.
  • Investing in Pool Coins:Pool Coins are essential for you to be the best in your circle. Because, let’s say you need 25 Coins to enter a tournament. You earn 50 when you win it. It’s a good idea to invest in Coins if you want to expand your coin base. So, you could buy Pool Coins in the Pool Store or exchange your Pool Cash for Coins.

Let’s be honest. Most of you would have searched the Internet for Free 8 Ball Pool Coins and Cash and come across online Generators. Hopefully, you didn’t bother linking your game account to these generators. For those of you who are clueless, these online generators scam you.

Although they promise to transfer the game Cash and Coins for free, they don’t actually do it. These generator websites basically take in your game account details and put you on illegal email lists. They even connect to your social media account and spam you.

In fact, according to the policy of MiniClip, if a player is seen using these illegal methods to get free 8 Ball Pool Coins and Cash, their game accounts get banned permanently from MiniClip.

So, steer clear of these unnecessary troubles. We will list a few simple ways of earning 8 Ball Pool Coins and Cash for free in the following section. Try all, pick the one that works best for you, and enjoy the game!

Safe and Reliable ways to get free 8 Ball Pool Coins and Cash

Check out these apps. They are safe, reliable ways to get free Coins and Cash:

App Bounty

Download AppBounty as it is one of the easiest ways to earn free 8 Ball Pool Coins and Cash. All you need to do is check back daily and look for new offers. They also give away points every day for free.

Sometimes, if you are lucky, you could get 15% extra points boost!

You don’t need to sign up or give in your account details to start using the app. Simply go on AppBounty and download one of their apps and collect your game Cash and Coins for free.

Install FreeMyApps

If you usually play 8 Ball Pool on an Android device, this is the best you could come across. On the app you will see many gift cards. Use any of that them to get the game Coins and Cash that you want for free.

Also, don’t get confused by all the USD gift cards that you see over there. They work no matter what country you are living in. You will get 200 extra points after downloading your first app on FreeMyApps.

Use these points wisely to get to the top in 8 Ball Pool.


CashForApps offers you a variety of apps to download. Download these free apps to gain points and gift cards worth a few dollars. Isn’t this a super easy way to earn 8 Ball Pool Coins and Cash for free?

Spend around 10 minutes in a day on all these apps and get 3-4 gift cards per week easily. Also, don’t just rely on any single app. Use all the three apps because each app has unique offers that the other apps probably won’t have.

In case you end up earning a good amount of Coins and credits from the above-mentioned apps, you can exchange it for a real gift card for iTunes or Google Play and then buy your Cash with it.


Using the PointsPrizes app is another method that will help you get 8 Ball Pool Coins for free.

So how does this work exactly?

There are regular tasks on PointsPrizes like submitting your email address, filling out a survey. You are awarded points for completing all of these tasks which can be exchanged for prizes study as Google Play codes or iTunes codes.

Buy all the 8 Ball Pool Coins and Cash you want with these codes. You haven’t spent a single penny and still get to buy your resources!

How long does this take?

The tasks are so simple that you will be able to complete to get enough points to get your Google Play or iTunes Code within an hour.

Do I have to give my credit card details or install anything?

Don’t worry, PointsPrizes doesn’t encourage disclosure of sensitive information. They don’t want their users to feel any sort of threat while using the app. The offers are screened carefully before being announced.

PointsPrizes tries as much as possible to work with advertisers who keep users best interests in mind.

A few Frequently Asked Questions  for 8 Ball Pool (FAQs)

You could go through them and find something useful:

My Coins go down even after I win tournaments. Why?

You’re probably facing issues because your Auto Recharge is turned on for Cues that you generally use. Don’t worry, there’s a simple way to fix this.

Go to the Cues Menu and click on a cue that you own. A menu will appear giving you the option to either enable or disable Auto Recharge. If you want to disable it, slide it to red and you’re set!

How do I upload a profile picture?

Sadly, there is no way to upload add a picture from your photo album to your profile. However, you can use pictures from your Facebook account. So, by default, your Facebook profile picture becomes your gaming profile picture.

Tell me about the Pool Shop.

You can buy all 8 Ball Pool essentials in the Pool Shop such as Pool cues, table frames, colours, patterns and chat phrases and Pool Cash. Yes, you read it right!

You can buy Pool Coins and Cash here. When you want to buy Cues, remember that they have different statistics.

So, make sure you pick the one perfect for you.

Is there a way I can practice alone?

If you play 8 Ball Pool on your phone you definitely can. However, you can’t play it for free, it costs 25 Coins. Unfortunately, there is no such practice mode on Web.

If I am playing on my PC, can I challenge my friend who is playing on the phone?

We’re sorry but there is no such feature, yet. Until there are further developments in the game, you can only play with a friend who’s playing on the same device.

Both players should be on PC or phone to be able to challenge each other.

You can challenge a friend playing on their Android phone even if you are on your iPhone.

My Spin & Win doesn’t work sometimes. How do I fix it?

If you are not able to pull the lever/handle of the Spin & Win, check out the link mentioned below. You are most likely to find your answer on that web page.


8 Ball Pool is such a popular game that it is played by millions of kids and teenagers, both boys and girls all over the world! Being so popular while belonging to the world’s largest gaming website, there is nothing about 8 Ball Pool that can go unnoticed.

It is for the exact same reason that you won’t be able to find many websites offering to crack into their system and get you free in-game Cash and Coins.

The Internet is filled with scam websites are generators but you find so few of them for 8 Ball Pool is because Miniclip is very serious regarding these illegal generators.

Even regular users do not encourage such activity as Miniclip bans such user accounts permanently. So, be smart. Don’t fall for these generators.

We have already mentioned what they do exactly. Try out the alternative options we have listed and find one that works best for you!

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